Poe's Friend
Who is he?
He is Poe's friend, living in the House of Usher.
He said, "I am not a ravon, but one of the penalties of being famous is the loss of
To tell the truth, he lived in the house for a few months.
Though he wanted to stay with Poe, Poe drank too much day and night.
Finally he said goodby to Poe.
Poe missed him.

Edgar Allan Poe(1809-1849) is one of the first detective-story writers and also a
great poet.
Poe's life was, however, miserable and tragic.
He lost his parents before he was only three.

If you should have a chance of viewing Poe's sketchbook, you may find THIS BLACK
BIRD on it.
I wish I could get the sketchbook.

............. Taikan (11/14/2023)
I'm hungry.
This is a cute and friendly penguin whose name is NANT.
NANT is very popular among children.

............  Taikan (11/14/2023)
"Do you think R will invade U?"
"Not likely, if the R government considers the international consequences."
Many of the men specializing in R study had insisted like this.
Though hard to believe, they were mistaken in their estimate.

It is said that 'Cyberattack' is quite important in the cyberworld now.

.............  Taikan (11/14/2023)
Hokusai Manga Shishimai
Shishimai is a Japanese traditional lion dance.

.......... Taikan (11/27/2023)
Afternoon Snack
It's time to have my afternoon snack.
These leaves are my favorite.
I know I often eat too much between meals,
but I wouldn't like to drink any whisky nor beer.

.......... Taikan (11/14/2023)
Beauties, Modern and Ancient
Here are beauties, modern and ancient.
They are gathering to discuss what art is.
Modern beauty said, "Art is long, but life is short."
"Sure! You're right." said the rest of them.
All of those ancient beauties were born several thousand years ago in Japan.
They have seen hundreds of thousands of various images.
So they have good eyes for artworks.
F130(194 x 162 x 3 cm / 76 x 63 x 1 in)

...........  Taikan (11/14/2023)
Rescue Team
Here is a rescue team .
They are going to save the underground workers.
This big hole is more than 50 meters deep.

F130 (194 x 162 cm / 76.3 x 63.7 in)

.............  Taikan (11/15/2023)
Madam Butterfly
She is Madam Butterfly who manages a well-known gallery in Paris.
A variety of oil paingings and woodprints are now displayed in it.
Why don't you visit there?

.............  Taikan (11/14/2023)
Church in Lynzy
Though Lynzy is a small town in Paraland, many artists would often visit here and paint the church.
They say that this church was founded in the 11th century.

........... Taikan (11/14/2023)

Welcome to our fishing port!
The name of this fishing port is 'IZUMI'.All of the people here welcome you to their fishing port.
You will probably have a luxurious dinner tonight.

...........  Taikan (11/14/2023)
Listen to this song.
Play the guitar, play it again, my darling!
I will never forget YOUR song.
Though you made this song only three months ago,
YOU have already gone to Heaven.
I missed you.
It is the love song that I like best.

"Listen to this song, my puppy."

..............  Taikan (11/15/2023)
Taking a snapshot
Three young Korean girls are enjoying taking a
snapshot of themselves on a sidewalk in Seoul,
A cellphone is now very popular all over the world.

.............  Taikan (11/15/2023)
Summer Goddess
She is sitting on the sand under the summer sun.
Singing and swimming are her favorite pastime.

.......... Taikan (11/14/2023)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the itelligence of machines or software.
"AI" technology is widely used in various fields.
It is now an essential tool in our modern world.

F120 (194 x 130 x 3 cm), oil on canvas

...........  Taikan  (11/14/2023)
Summer Date
This is an ancient tomb in Asuka, Nara, Japan.
The name of this great stone tomb is "Ishibutai" in
They say that the biggest stone is about 77t. 

A couple came here on a date in summer.
They might be surprised at its size.

.............  Taikan (11/15/2023)
Formation of my ego
Do you remember when you became aware of your self?

.............  Taikan (11/14/2023)